1. The MRA Customs sale by Public Tender will be open to all members of the public over the age of 18 years old including traders and dealers who are registered on the online Auction System. The registration will also be open to foreign citizens.

  2. For registration, the bidder must access the MRA Website and then click on the link e-Auction Sales. On the e-Auction sales home page, he will have to click on 'Register'.

  3. All the mandatory fields on the page will need to be filled in before clicking on the submit button. Care has to be taken that all the "*" marked fields (mandatory inputs) are input. Email address, National Identity Card number(for Mauritian Citizens) and contact numbers are mandatory inputs. Foreign nationals must insert their Passport Number in the appropriate field.

  4. The auction will start at a specific date and time which will be notified in advance on the website

  5. Prospective bidders will be informed in advance of the dates of public viewing of the goods intended to be displayed at the Customs Warehouse, Mer Rouge.

  6. The bidding time and closing time will start and close exactly at the time indicated on the auction notice or published on the website. The time indicated on the online Auction System will be the system time of Customs and no other time will be taken into account. The time indicated on the online Auction System will be the correct time for the purpose of auction.

  7. The sale is on an ‘AS IS WHERE IS’ basis.

  8. The pictures posted on the Tender List may not reflect, quantity, weight, size dimensions, specifications and features of the item.

  9. Offers should be open and remain valid for acceptance for a period of two months with effect from the closing date. All Bids on items which require a deposit as specified in the tender list shall be accompanied by a deposit of at least 10% of the tender offer. Deposit should be by way of banker's cheque drawn in favour of DIRECTOR GENERAL, MRA and deposited in a special tender box that will be placed at the Customs Warehouse, Mer Rouge. The cheque should be placed in a special envelope mentioning the name of the bidder and the items the cheque deposit is intended to. Deposit will be returned to the bidder if not awarded and forfeited if awarded bidder does not make payment and take delivery. Personal cheques will be rejected.

  10. Bidders may bid in any quantity indicating the quoted price per unit or lot. Bid prices should be to the nearest rupee.

  11. The online Auction System will not allow bidders to bid for the same item more than once.

  12. The online Auction System will not allow bidders to bid for items offered for sale for the first and second time below the reserved price. Items offered for sale for the third time will be flagged and the online Auction System will accept prices below the reserved price. However, the acceptance of the bid will be subject to the approval of the MRA Tender Committee.

  13. The highest bidder will be normally offered the goods subject to the approval of the MRA Tender Committee.

  14. Successful bidders shall effect payment and take delivery of ALL ITEMS AWARDED within 5 days as from the date of the letter of award, failing which the offer will lapse. Payment can only be effected either in cash or Office Bank Cheque drawn in favour of Director General, MRA. Delivery must be taken within two days after payment on appointment failing which rent charges as per Section 38 of Customs Regulations 1989 will become applicable. Special conditions may apply for certain items on the tender list.

  15. The MRA reserves the right:

    1. To accept or reject any bid, or

    2. To annul the bidding process and reject all bids at any time prior to the award of the tender without thereby incurring any liability or any obligation to inform any bidder of the grounds for accepting or rejecting any bid.

  16. Awarded bids will be displayed on the MRA Website within five working days after approval from the MRA Tender Committee. Three bidding booths with PC will be made available at the Customs Warehouse, Lux Shed Mer Rouge for those who do have not access to internet connectivity.

  17. Registration duty for motor vehicles must be borne by the bidder. Deed of sale for motor vehicles will be issued on awarded bidder's name only.